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Any chance of a "fit pic" in any of the suits which might be your approximate size? I know recent Isaia relatively well, but would like to get a sense of the shoulders, lapels, roll, etc. of these older suits. Thanks very much. M
Great pair of boots at a great price from Mark (amerikajinda). Thanks again! M
Try H&M. They have some made in Romania khakis that are slim fit and well made for the price. M
Already flew. M
PM'd M
Very nice. PM me if you can get it in EU56 Thanks. M
PM sent on #8
It is actually amazing how well things work here. I have never had a bad transaction and it has enabled me to purchase items that I would not otherwise be able to afford (or find). If you spend a little time on the B&S you will quickly learn who is a "trusted seller." But having said that, I have also dealt with people who do not have any previous sales - the site just seems intrinsically trustworthy - though I know some people have been unfortunately burned. The B&S...
Boglioli. I have one Boglioli "Coat" sportcoat that I bought from James on the forum and it has fantastically soft shoulders. I have been looking for Boglioli in size 56 since. M
Joel, I have a true 37" sleeve. I bought four shirts, three of which were marked 36/37 IIRC (or possibly 36.5). These are all just long enough with literally no room to spare. One has already been shrunk in the wash and can only be worn with sleeves rolled. The fourth shirt was marked 36 and never fit properly (my mistake, not Mark's). If you are really a 36" sleeve, then I would suggest only buying the ones with the longest sleeve possible and you should be ok. M
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