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Can you post a description of the colour along with measurements for shirts 1 and 3? Thanks. M
Great prices - PM'ed! M
Hi there, What are approximate measurements for the Carrol & Co. shawl cardigan? Thanks. M
"I'll update with measurements later, but c'mon guys, you should be pretty goddamn familiar with this stuff" I can honestly say that I don't have any idea how a size large Bamford safari jacket is supposed to fit. M
Please post measurements for the Bamford safari jacket. Thanks. M
Can you please post sole length and width on the Giffords? Thanks. M
I'm in too! Looking forward to it. M
These are fantastic. Would gladly grab a pair in 11.5 D US if available. M
What is the true colour of the duffel coats? Thanks. M
PM sent. M
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