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Quote: Originally Posted by JustinW Maybe talk to Jason (Get Smart on this forum) at Thick as Thieves, about doing something made-to-measure for you. You might want to choose options like hacking or patch pockets and less shoulder structure. But the cost is close to your budget and you can choose the fabric and style you want. I own a TaT suit and 3 sport coats. The most recent I got was a lovely 3 button casual navy flannel. I also have a nice tweed...
Quote: Originally Posted by william The Starting Strength program is a result of 30+ years of Rippetoe's experience coaching and competing in strength sports. I'm not going to tamper with it. To each his own of course. This. There was some question on the strengthmill Q&A about subbing x exercise for y excercise and Rippetoe's answer was along the lines of if you want to fine, but you're not doing SS anymore. And If I had to do...
Just wanted to chime in and echo previous praise for Jason. I just placed my second order (for pants only) with him and it was an excellent experience and he was great in putting up with all of my requests.
The best book I've found is Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide for Athletes & Coaches by Greg Everett which can be found here Also, generally the snatch is the first lift taught because it is easier in concept than the clean and jerk and from my experience there are many many many more little nuisances to the C&J than the snatch. Also snatch is good for helping develop balance, explosion and flexibility in the...
Are there any plans to offer odd trousers and sport coats in the Benjamin line? I would be all over some solid colored odd trousers.
Quote: Originally Posted by Stewie Anyone know the maker of the shoes shown on the contact page of their website? You can PM Jason who posts here under the username Get Smart and ask him. He's the owner of TaT and that's him in the picture.
Thick as Thieves
Quote: Originally Posted by Warren G. Thanks to Wal_neal.. details?? The comments.
Steven, I am on the verge of ordering a jacket but when I went to view a navy fabric from you there wasn't one on the preview page, but on the order form there says there is one. Also I was wondering when you would put up more pictures of the jackets because I would like to have a little bit more of a look before ordering.
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