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So when are the pants going to be up for order? You can get pretty much any fabric we can think of? Whats the price point going to be? Sorry if these have been answered already.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fantastic Mr Foxx Pardon me for asking, but how deep are those cuffs on the trousers, PG? I'd venture to guess they're right around two inches give or take a bit.
Quote: Originally Posted by chrisb0109 not sure about the Dad jeans Since when have APCs been considered Dad jeans?
Quote: Originally Posted by musicguy Nothing leads to intuition. I'd have to disagree that NOTHING leads to intuition. While it may a gut feeling that doesn't have any justification it still has to be grounded in reality/experience. Without some form of experience you wouldn't be able to make assumptions or have gut feelings about anything; if someone is raised from birth in a dark room and no objects do you really think they would be able to...
First, I think this is funny since philosophers have been trying to figure this one out since for a looooong time and there hasn't really been an answer. But just to throw something out there I'll put out Aristotle's Unmoved Mover (synopsis taken from wikipedia): Aristotle's argument for the existence of the unmoved mover progresses as follows 1. There exists movement in the world. 2. Things that move were set into motion by something else. 3. If...
Quote: Originally Posted by CommanderPeanut I have 2 quick questions. They are more health/nutrition related, but I figured you guys might know it anyway. 1. Why is there such a hatred of Carbohydrates? Do Carbs turn into fat? Everything turns into fat eventually; its the long term storage format for your body.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger I need to start reading fantasy again, but it's hard to find books that arent aprt of a series, and fucking song of ice and fire (HEY GEORGE RR MARTIN DANCE OF DRAGONS IS OH, 5 YEARS LATE??? fucking dipshit) kind of ruined me on the series thing. George RR Martin might be one of my most hated authors right now. Way to split the characters in half and write about the most boring ass ones in the first half and...
Quote: Originally Posted by Benzito Is it totally hokey to have the identical show in two different colors? I found a great deal on some black AE Dawsons (last year's, I assume) and went back a few days later and saw the same in brown and figured, what the heck (the second pair was even cheaper b/c they were seconds). I doubt anyone in the office would know unless I pointed it out, which is good and bad. No, it's only acceptable if you...
Quote: Originally Posted by unjung Woah... Jesus was real? So it wasn't my dad eating the milk and cookies? It's fairly certain that Jesus the person existed and the events that occurred are for the most part accurate, but whether he was the son of God is a point of contention.
If you look at Vox's stuff the waist is fairly suppressed too and his stuff is pure English. Like foo said above it seems to me that its more about custom made tailored clothing than "Neapolitan."
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