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the aerial shot of the DB5 going down the straight country road was the best shot of the movie.....along with the shot of it parked on the side of the road and bond standing by it...
i've seen it twice. enjoyed it....probably would have enjoyed it more had i not read the wiki spoiler... should have left the aston martin out of the commercials/promotional ads.....would have been a nice surprise.
info on their facebook page.... some people had issue with the color of their ridgebacks in the past...
a breeder of ridgebacks i had been keeping up with had one of their dogs poisoned at a show.... RIP Denga....
joe pernice
tigs facial expressions throughout those scenes were fucking priceless.
walton goggins guest appearance.....uhhh....holy shit!
the motorcycle chases and the lame music played during them are what kill the show for me.
wouldn't that be the same as seeing a shirtless robert pattinson?
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