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tigs facial expressions throughout those scenes were fucking priceless.
walton goggins guest appearance.....uhhh....holy shit!
the motorcycle chases and the lame music played during them are what kill the show for me.
wouldn't that be the same as seeing a shirtless robert pattinson?
^ the show is dead to me. i think i am going to have to turn on close captioning any fucking time chibs speaks...
they could return to it in the two movies daniel has signed on for after skyfall.....
lawless. tom hardy does hillbilly quite well.
did it scream/shriek?my brothers ridgeback had cornered a rabbit in the back yard and he could hear the rabbit over the dog barking.....the only other time i have heard a rabbit do that was the kids in the apartment next to us in nashville received a rabbit for easter and they were "playing" with it on the deck....
want: bracco italiano
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