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if robin would die....i might listen. until that day....no thanks.
ilyn payne might need to be recast soon
saw neurosis on 12/29/12 next soundgarden 1/18/13 morrissey 1/28/13 graveyard 1/29/13 morrissey 1/31/13 louis ck 2/1/13 nick cave 3/17/13
would have to close my eyes. tedeschi is to haggard to look at.
remove the bush/obama sound bites through out......out of place.i have read that people were surprised at the amount of dialogue.....the book is about 99 percent dialogue.
killing them softly... what a fuck up.
script......jesus that movie is fucking funny....
the aerial shot of the DB5 going down the straight country road was the best shot of the movie.....along with the shot of it parked on the side of the road and bond standing by it...
i've seen it twice. enjoyed it....probably would have enjoyed it more had i not read the wiki spoiler... should have left the aston martin out of the commercials/promotional ads.....would have been a nice surprise.
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