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this season does not exist.
soundgarden last night.....excellent.....i don't listen to their cd's anymore but seeing/hearing them live is a totally different thing. and what the fuck happened to all night parking garages in DC? sorry we close at 7....sorry we close at 10....sorry we close at 11....
if robin would die....i might listen. until that day....no thanks.
ilyn payne might need to be recast soon
saw neurosis on 12/29/12 next soundgarden 1/18/13 morrissey 1/28/13 graveyard 1/29/13 morrissey 1/31/13 louis ck 2/1/13 nick cave 3/17/13
would have to close my eyes. tedeschi is to haggard to look at.
remove the bush/obama sound bites through out......out of place.i have read that people were surprised at the amount of dialogue.....the book is about 99 percent dialogue.
killing them softly... what a fuck up.
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