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one of the last videos my older brother has of his ridgeback is of his two year old holding on to the dogs tail as the dog is walking around the house.as far as other dogs...had no problem with large dogs.....the neighbors chihuahua confused the hell out of him
graveyard "satan's finest"
the guy you're with doesn't seem to mind.
the only redeeming quality...freida pintos ass/tit shot for 30 seconds.....otherwise....pure shit.
anyone pickup tickets today? missed out on presale...stuck with ticketmaster.
uncle acid and the deadbeats..."blood lust"...still... record of the fucking year.
season 2 was my favorite....4 way tie for second after that.
unless they show owen wilson being dropped on his head....
husker du "new day rising" the replacements "let it be" or "tim"
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