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Yes, my mistake. Not sure why I keep typing "r" instead of "n".
Thanks, the shoes are Santori and my 1st purchase of a real pair of shoes. I received a pair of Bruno Magli's loafers last year for Christmas and they were my best up to that point, but the Santoni's are a real step up. After reading a bunch of threads on this board I realize how outta my league I am in terms of fashion knowledge.   The  tie is also a step up for me, its a Zegna and the pic I took makes it look pretty flat, but it has some nice detail and the color...
Like I mentioned, I'm new to the board and after reading a bunch of threads on this forum, I realize how "out of my league" I am when it comes to making very stylish choices. Thanks for the help.
Thanks for the pics, great looks.
Thank you for the response, good advice. I think I was getting a little crazy thinking about trying to get a "unique" belt......classice would be best.   Same goes for the white shirt. I was curious about the collar. I'm new to this and was wondering about more of a spread color. Is there a collar type that's more appropriate?   I wouldn't mind adding some color to the socks, but still mulling over what options I would have.   Thanks!
I'm getting married on September 23rd and decided against the tuxedo in favor of a gray suit. The pics below show the shoes, the tie (which is muted from poor pic quality) and obviously the suit. I'm wondering what would be a good belt choice. I thought of a patterned or textured belt of some sort, but I didn't want to take away or challenge the Santori's......just wanna make the whole outfit as sharp as h*ll. Also, I was going with a straight, no-textured white shirt...
Thank you so much for the quick and helpful responses. Really great. Here are a few pics of the suit, tie and (my big splurge)Santoni shoes I'll be wearing. The pics are pretty terrible when it comes to the colors..........the tie by Zegna actually pops much more then it shows. The color really is squashed. I need to incorporate the blue because the bridesmaids will be wearing that color. I'd also like to incorporate yellow into my outfit in honor of my Mom, but it looks...
I am getting married and forgoing the traditional tuxedo in favor of a gray suit. Do I need to wear the traditional flower on my lapel or can I wear a pocket square instead or both???? Forgive what may or is a neophyte question......its my 1st post.   Thanks in advance!
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