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I'm not sure I follow.
I'm getting married at the end of September and the bride and I are headed up to Cape Cod for a week as a "pre-honeymoon" to our trip to Spain next year. I was wondering what might be a nice shoe to pick up for the trip that would stand out a bit from all of the Sperry Topsiders that are walking around up there. We'll obviously be doing quite a bit of walking around during the  day and I'll mostly be wearing jeans and some khakis.   Any help would be appreciated. I'm...
Haha, is that all? I need more options! I will dig!  
Now.......what fold do i utilize!!!!!    
I picked up a white linen P/S and a white slim fit shirt from Thomas Pink. Fit well but wish it was a bit longer. They cut it so that it can be worn untucked as well, which I'd rather they hadn't. The Varvatos shirt was a bit then when I wasn't planning on an undershirt. May keep looking.
Picked up a white linen pocket square as suggested.
That's a brutal look.....goodness.
Thanks for the heads up, Gdot! I totally understand, I think I feel the same way about the black shoes, etc if it was more of a traditional wedding. We really only wanted to have a small dinner party for a few family and friends.......low key, but elegant/quaint, but my future wife's family would've been very disappointed so we opened it up to just under a 100 people which I guess is still small. Anyway, I didn't want to go with the traditional way of doing things and...
The shoes are NOT burgundy, the picture is not clear apparently. They are a dark brown stained toe. As far as the spread collar goes, I was just inquiring as I didn't know. I most likely was going to go with a more traditional collar. I'm learning as I go!
Thanks, great advice. I saw some very nice yellow or yellow bordered pocket squares on Kent Wang's website but I think I will go with the single yellow flower and the white linen PS. I will shop around some more for a tie that may not get so lost. Also, yes the suit is charcoal that is not flat or to matte I guess would be the word, you guys would know better.
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