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Yes, if I wanted them to have matching suits, which they don't have and would have to buy them.  
I apologize, my response was on the heels of my mother-in-law making a comment to my fiance' about the groomsmen not wearing jackets. I didn't intend for my response to come out so defensive. I've seen many huge productions for weddings and its just not my style. If I was making 7 figures a year and it wasn't a concern then maybe I'd be more open, but it just always struck me as money that could go to better things. With regards to my friends, I already have one flying...
Thank you! That was the backup choice.
Because I didn't want to make the guys spend $600+ on a suit that they won't really wear since all 4 of them have jobs that don't call for a suit. To be honest, I hate that they have spend a dime on a wedding that I wanted to be small. I don't have the money to buy them all suits. We wanted a less traditional, slightly informal wedding. Honestly, we wanted about 30-40 people for a nice dinner with close family and friends, but wife-to-be's family really wanted to throw a...
I have my wedding coming up and the groomsmen will be wearing these pants ( http://www.jcrew.com/browse/popup_single_product_detail.jsp?jproduct=44448&imgSrc=http://images.jcrew.com/fsi/server?type=image&source=images/onFigure/44/44448/44448_WO7720_m.tif&width=75&height=75&effects=sharpen%2820%29&quality=88&profile=jpeg&isFeatureColor=undefined ), brown shoes and a white shirt (no jacket) its an afternoon wedding in September. The Bridesmaids are wearing a royal blue...
KGMessier,   I think we will move around a bit and probably start at Chatham and finish in P-Town. Other suggestions on the area?
Wow, thank you for the replies........the problem is I like ALL of them. There are some really nice and interesting options listed that as one of you put it "stand apart, but not out".   As far as my budget goes, I would like to keep it under $200.00, but for the right shoes that could become a "favorite", then I would go more.   Great suggestions, thanks again.
I guess I missed something.
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