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I know the groom doesn't need to, but the groom is making it their gift as groomsmen along with something else. Listen, I appreciate them coming especially the guy from california. I hate weddings. I hate that you have to make people come to someplace on one of their all too valuable weekends and spend money on a hotel, gift, etc. Its just not me. But its a concession I made for wife-to-be';s mental health and he families desire. I just wanna show my appreciation for...
Eaaaaaaasy, Ty! We've already resolved this, the boys are wearing suits. If I can just get the guy who stated "why would choose such a peculiar style of dress" to read this, then I wouldn't feel so low.  
 Thanks! Its been a process and a successful one considering where I started. Honestly, it would've been pretty crappy had I not gotten the strong, but fair opinions and thoughts from everyone on the board. Its appreciated!   Yes, hopefully all of their jackets have the buttonhole in their lapels.....so some jackets not have this?    
I will be paying for their shirts. No offense to the guys in my party, but the shirt I picked out will be the best white dress shirt they have. I got them thru a friend who got a considerable discount and the shirts are of decent quality. I will also be paying for the tie, so they won't have to pay for a thing, in theory.   Ok, good. I had read that it would be best if they were in dark, solid colored suits.   My brother said he has a dark gray solid suit that he will be...
All excellent points.....really, really helpful. After reading many posts and threads on this board I realize how little I do know when compared to people who take dressing well seriously and I know even less about wedding protocol other then what I've seen at most weddings where everyone is in their "uniforms". I really do appreciate the insight.   Here is where I'm at and my plan up to this point:   - The 4 guys in the wedding party will where suits of their...
I will not give you advice as it would be of no help because I'm in the same boat as you are and struggling. I WILL thank you for posting a smarter and more complete question then the ones I have posed recently.
I'm DM66. I live in NJ about 20 mins outside of NYC. In the last sentence I used two abbreviations and those maybe the only 2 abbreviations on this site that I have figured out. My next "search" will be a glossary of terms and abbreviations used on this board. A slight exaggeration, but I've spent some time scratching my head as to some of them listed on here. I am not a member of MENSA nor have I ever had to ride a special bus before, I just need some more time...
What is the promotion? I read and must've overlooked it.
I will take a poll of the guys and see what suits they own and see if they are not heinous. I will go from there and see where that gets us.....   Thanks, all good advice.
VERY good point. The problem is that the cat's out of the bag already in a way. The bridesmaids are all wearing the same dress and if I had the guys wear whatever they wanted I would get even more grief. Its something that I should've thought of before. Everyone keeps bringing up "what will the pictures look like if the groomsmen and bridesmaids don't match". This is why I hate weddings, haha.  
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