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I posted these on another thread. I really didn't "fold" the squares.....just stuffed em in there so I could get a picture off.    
  Not sure of this tie, but it caught my eye.
Funny you mention that. I thought that someone might say it was "matchy-matchy" even though there is really very little purple in the tie. Maybe because its the only hues that arent black' guys would know better.   I like the white linen, but was just hoping to start my PS collection by gettting something interesting for this occasion. It would be PS #2 in my library of PS's after #1.....the white linen!   Yeah, I guess it is a bit sedate and can...
haha, it wasn't exactly a "fold" so much as it was a hack job. Wanted to show it in some form.
I have my rehearsal dinner coming up next Thursday and have chosen to wear a gray SC (seen below), black pants and shoes. What I haven't decided on was the PS, tie and shirt combo. I kinda defaulted to a white shirt with this jacket an pant combo, but realize that a light blue would be great, too. Not interested in pink although I know it would be nice. Anyway, I'm new to PS's, but already have purchased a white linen one for my wedding suit and didn't want to repeat...
Ugh.......where can you get them for $265 if you don't mind me asking. I'm a bit new at this and have checked a bunch of sites but haven't found them for any less then $325.00.
Curious, what did Nordstrom have the Strands on sale for????
I understand what you're saying, Kent. I'm the groom and will be wearing a gray suit for the wedding day and just wanted to be a hair more casual and relaxed for the rehearsal dinner. I like Clooney's look in the previous pictures. I'm thinking of either a white shirt or maybe a light gray shirt. The PS I think maybe should be silk. The suit is plain Navy with no pattern or texture, so I'm not sure exactly what to do to make it pop a little or just go clean with just a...
+1............I'm wearing a navy suit to my rehearsal dinner and may just wear a white shirt underneath and was wondering about the pocket square.  
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