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I recently purchased a new pair of brown Santoni shoes that I will wearing to my wedding on Friday. I've never owned a really high quality pair of shoes before and was curious if there was anything I should know before wearing......do typically shine them before wearing even thoug they are new? Should they be treated before hand with any type of conditioning cream? I DO have shoe trees for them, I know that much, but little else. Thanks!
Wow, interesting......never thought burgundy. I purchased the gold one already and took off the tags, lol. Anyway, the gold PS I have has different shades in each quadrant, so maybe I will go with the most muted of the 4 color spectrums. OR I will go to Nordstrom's and look for a muted burgundy and spend another $39.00!   Thanks for the responses.    
yeah, my folds were brutal. I thought one of the folds on the gold PS was decent, but the rest were crap.
Seems to be no general consensus on the replies which is good in that the options I showed were at least somewhat wearable.
Anyone else???
I showed both ties with a blue shirt and with a white......not sure which works better. With the blue plaid tie I think the blue shirt is overkill of blue. With the top tie, do you think the white shirt looks best or the blue shirt.   The gold PS is a 4-toned PS.....each corner is a different shade of cold. Maybe I could make a fold that shows of 2-shades so there is a little contrast.  
A few attempts by a rookie........          
I started a post earlier in the week showing a few combos and have since ditched all of them. I think I've got a few better options below one of which I will be sporting for my wedding rehearsal dinner this Thursday. Was looking for some comments, critiques on these combos for this occasion and for future wearings. Also, I know the white linen PS is always great, but I will be wearing that with my weddin suit and was looking to mix it up a bit for the rehearsal...
I go to a guy named "Tony the Talior" in Upper Montclair. Probably an hour drive for you. He has been a tailor for 45 years....came over from Italy. I was in there the other day getting a suit altered and a guy came in with a $5,000+ 100% cashmere sport coat from Italy and was having some complex alteration done to it. Tony said he brings all of his 100+ suits to him for work. If that guys is that into clothes and spends that kinda money on them, I assume that he trusts...
New Posts  All Forums: