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How are the shoes from there? I'm looking for a pair of Black captoes and was wondering how they compared to AE's.  
I will give it another shot.     AE Strands Neiman marcus socks BR pants
Yes! New phone made me do it, it wasn't the socks.
I'll get hammered for this, but the heck with it. Btw, the pants are NOT Navy Blue. They are black as heck but the light in the office distorted it.   Pants are just Banana Republic, Shoes are Bruno Magli that need a shine after todays rain and the socks are Paul Smith. No suit, just gray/ black jackard sport coat today. I'm whincing already.      
Absolutely F'd myself last night. Had my size in the shoe I wanted, but I was using my phone and couldn't order. This morning? Gone baby gone.
I would like to order one but I am writing drom my phone cant access paypal. Can I send to u in the morning tuesday?
It sounds like you're snooping to find homophobia somewhere where its not......look elsewhere. YES, it would be creepy if it was a woman in the picture instead of one of the boys. Seriously, those poses are stiffer and more "posed" then anyone should be. Two knees slammed shut with a hand over each, feet touching like he is parallel skiing, etc. If it WAS a woman in the pic I think the caption would be "Here I am with my uptight wife posing as if she was my possesion...
For some reason I had pics of all the ties then they disappeared? Are they not available anymore?
MOL,   Thank you very much for the well wishes. Most men have offered their condolences! Its funny, while that seems to be the male response, the female response to the news is gushing and excited.   Photos will come and I will photo shop the brown shoes to black for Fritz  
Thank you, its been covered ad nauseum. I've discussed my wedding attire in a previous post and received a ton of help. Do you have anything constructive about shoe care?  
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