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Besides not being able to rotate the picture, any th oughts or criticisms?
I wear a US 10.5
Right side up  
  Bad pic.
bad pic
Here is my attempt today. I wish I had a brown SC for this outfit, but I am just starting out and the black SC is all I have at this time. The PS has a darker purple paisley pattern on the borders, but I thought a puff type fold would be better. Brutal lighting. Who knows?    
Tell me about it.
My favorite post of the last few days.  
Can't do that, they were a gift from my Dad last X-Mas. I actually just tossed a VERY squared toe pair of Gordon Rush shoes that I thought were "great" 6 years ago when I bought them.....awful. While the slip-ons from Dad may not be SF approved they were a couple hundred bucks, a good brand (Bruno Magli) to most people (outside this forum) and they are comfortable. They aren't Kenneth Cole square toes and they obviously aren't AS Handgrades. I'm only 2 months into...
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