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Except me  . I should've ordered that one.......woulda been much more versatile for a beginner. Ugh!    
Thanks, I will.
Its actually a 4-sided PS.....the two paisleys, the plain blue "satin" and a white with blue edges making up the 4-sides. I bought it at Nordstrom's as my 2nd PS because I thought it would give more options, not sure if I believe that now.  
I've posted a couple of pics recently which, with one exception, has not drawn criticism, praise or anything really. I've read through pretty much the whole thread a few times and still get confused a bit when it comes to my own choices and outfits. Anyway, I figured I'd post a few more pics of the outfit I'm wearing today with a few options and see if I could gleam any insight as to what works/doesnt and why. For the record: I'm currently wearing this combo with a WHITE...
Smart outfit and answer.
Just curious, was there a clear "winner" in terms of what was the most popular square ordered????
I get the feeling I'm always interrupting a private conversation everytime I post on this board. I guess that's part and parcel of being new to the site.
Should I have done a different fold to show of more of the blue and white in PS?
Besides not being able to rotate the picture, any th oughts or criticisms?
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