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Will do. Thanks
Thanks for the advice people,   The size 13 Washington Boot fits my size 14 feet great! (And I don't have any squeaking issues)   Any of you have any advice on taking care of them? Just saddle soap?   Since I bought them as "black" I was considering polishing them as if they were, but that's probably not the best idea given their brown color and contrast stitching.
  Thanks. I went for it. It's too bad sizing gets so hard at large sizes since halves don't exist and there are fewer options. Hopefully these will work!
Hi all. I'm a long time thread-stalker and I've gained a lot from it, so I was hoping you guys could help me out.     I've never had any RRL boots because I don't think they come in a size 14, but I've read that sizing down 1/2 size in the Washington Boot is a good idea.   It's in-stock and on sale right now in a size 13, so does anyone have an idea about whether or not the boot will work out for me?     I'd rather not go through the ordering and returns...
I bought this strap and this buckle with these Chicago Screws. Unless you have experience crafting leather (and I didn't/don't), I wouldn't go any heavier. I ended up cutting the leather wet with an X-Acto knife (probably a horrible crime), and it was frustrating. I also bought some slim leather strips for "belt keepers," but with leather that wide and thick, I couldn't fit all that leather through my belt loops easily.  You'll also need a leather punch.   A better...
I made mine myself.   I bought the thickest 1 3/4" leather strap I could find, cut it, punched the holes, put in some Chicago screws, and slapped on a cheap buckle that I bought from the leather seller. A few months ago I found a Union Special buckle like this (a different type of buckle than I had before) that I liked, so I punched more holes, shortened the belt, and screwed it on.   The jean makers make some really nice options, but for a cheap, versatile,...
Another option is doing the waxing yourself. Otter Wax.
Kuhl Krux is a great short.   The Nau Amble looks cool too, but I don't have that one.
I have 2 pairs of the Mexico 66. They were originally designed as running shoes, but because of the turn that running shoes have taken, aren't really considered running shoes any more.   I don't run in them because for what I do more technologically advanced shoes feel and perform better on a day-to-day basis (and last longer). I also have a pair of Rotation 77s, and once sprinted 3 miles across the city in them to a movie theater. It was a great run, but I wouldn't...
I have some of those organic Nudies in a Slim Jim. I haven't worn them much, but the denim is nice. It's somewhat thin, and not selvege, but I think it will fade well on me. I don't care how others may rank them, the point of raw denim is to show personality.
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