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Prices dropped. Trying to get this stuff moved by the weekend so I'm accepting reasonable offers.
WWM by McNairy (made by Sanders). I'd probably need to put a commando sole on them
I'm leaving for Europe to study abroad in a couple weeks and I've been looking for pair of brown combat boots for casual wear with jeans and the like. Had a pair of F+B 745s swiped out of my cart on yoox so I'm thinking about these Iron Rangers. Thoughts?
If anybody grabbed those brown F+B boots from Yoox in a 40 let me know if they don't work out. That's what I get for waiting two weeks for a code.
I'm leaving the country to study abroad in a few weeks so I'm trying to get rid of some things I don't wear to raise some cash. Offering up some good stuff, some of it NWT, for reasonable prices and trying to move it quick. I'm just using stock photos for now because I'm lazy, but if you want pics or measurements PM me and I can take some. Prices include CONUS shipping.   1. NWT S/S 11 Engineered Garments Floral Short Sleeve Button Down, Size Large - SOLD. Great pattern,...
Bought these awesome OSB boots for my brother, but they're too big. I got them on sale, so I figured I'd try to pass along a good deal to another forum member before the return period expires. Made in USA out of brown Horween chromexcel. Size 10.5, OSB recommends going down a half size IIRC (which would explain why they didn't fit my brother) so best for a true US 11.   Just included Independence's stock pic since they're brand new and my phone camera won't do them...
 Oh no I agree with you. He just fed the fans the exact same line about how happy his family was in Baton Rouge, how the kids were settled in school, etc. Gave me a good laugh, old dog new tricks and all
Just picked up a pair of the black slim fit "washed denim." I've heard to size up one from your normal slim fit size for the $350 black on blacks so I did the same here. Anybody had experience with the sizing on these?
 Wow. You guys must have really, really short memories. Not saying I think he's going to Texas, but as an LSU fan I can assure you that he and his family's word is worth about as much as a flaming pile of dog shit.
    Haven't thrifted in months and I've totally lost track of this thread. Glad to see nothing's changed.
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