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  Shoes, yes! Shoes as well.  
Any comments on what shirt, tie and belt I should look for this suit?   Going to loose weight again to my former self. This suit was from 5 years ago.   [[SPOILER]]  
@VictorSF   I believe most people who are uneasy with your postings are mainly so because your pictures strictly speaking do fall outside WAYWRN in the sense that they are not in the presence as the title suggest. (Wearing right now)   Your info and pictures are appreciated and it would be a shame if you stopped posting pictures. Your pictures are professionally done and a good inspiration. I personally have saved some of your pictures (amongst other posters) for...
I am moving to Sydney for my studies at the University of Sydney and I was wondering what I should buy in Hong Kong before going for studies. Things that are not easy to find/get in Sydney but are easy and cheap in HK.   Of course I will eat as much Dim Sum as possible whilst in HK =)
What are the best things to stock up when going to Sydney from Hong Kong?
Expand it a bit, and you got a trip to HK and a tailored suit =)
Keep on posting, advert or not, it is a good inspiration.  
Couldn't find the tailor online so thought before that was his name  
VictorSF, who is your tailor?
Thank you for the information. Any plans on trying Baron Kay(Starting at 550) or Jimmy Chen(Not sure of his prices)?   Unlucky that you didn't have a perfect experience. You could have bought from Ascot Chang/WW Chan, less shirts but with a happier result?
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