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Dondé? Nm I'm dumb
Thanks, can't wait for the henleys too!
XXL EPLA OCBDs in yet? Gotta be close right?
Agreed.  Resolable would be titties.
Don't like the zippered pockets either
Be careful. Those jackets look really short for us tall guys
Are the henleys the same sizing as the t's? Really hoping they run longer
Same here. Came on her to ask about it lol
Ya I really wish someone else would step in to help Mauro. Seems like he has too much on his plate at times and leaves his customers confused. The whole issue on the rise seems easily avoided. As soon as people were questioning how low they were (before they went on sale) this could've been addressed. Mauro this isn't an attack but just some advice. Still think the quality of your clothing is bar none but the business side needs some work.
How are those MTO chambray Doyles coming along?
New Posts  All Forums: