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I feel like they've had sales before but nothing crazy. In the 10% rangr
Nate you got my paypal correct? Just want to make sure
Tall before dinner monkey arms?  I'm between 6'3" and 6'4" and like to tuck my shirt in sometimes.  I just ordered the bicicyle XL BD Monkey arms so we'll see how that will work.  I have two L AD monkey arms that are much too short for me now.
was looking into the henley's.  planning at trip to mt. kilimanjaro and I love merino for activewear while hiking.
really interested in what you think of the finiesterre tees.  might be picking some up soon
Ya but I'm lanky. Just wishing
What about a poll for "tall sizes"? Monkey arms plus some body length
too late to the party?
Which is what I said isn't it?
  Maybe my reading comprehension is terrible, but from those top two quotes it looks like all chambrays are monkey arms and you added 1" to the body.The monkey arms' arm length is fine on me.  The length of the shirt is what is always short (problem of being tall and slender).  MTM sounds like the route I need to take.
New Posts  All Forums: