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I'll give you a call when work dies down.
Mauro, I saw on the AMA you have Monkey Arms in stock that aren't on the site?  Looking for XL Monkey Arms.  Thanks!
I have faith in tony and George. They always take care of us. Mindacock how the hell did you order these last week? That surely has to be a typo?
Ya a little upset too. Probably making tons of boots for their new Nordstroms partnership but can't finish 12 boots. Saying "patience is a virtue" when customers ask for an update wasn't the best answer either. Sort of sad to see less and less involvement of the company in this thread. Really stoked for how fast they are growing though. George and Tony have always taken care of me so I still have faith, just a little sad I have to wait another month.
do I need to step up and order #5 (didn't vote at all, don't shoot me)? mauro, how heavy is that flannel compared to my multicolored flannel from the last preorder? Cutting a shirt with 1 inch longer in the body would be a custom deal right mauro?
This sounds badass.  Always love extra info.
The natty shells gotta be shipping soon...... hopefully???
Wish those jackets were longer in length
When are the new lounge pants releasing then?
can't wait for the new lounges
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