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ya the cropped jacket just scares me.  maybe its time to just give it a shot.
denim jacket looks great.  mike, I might has misinterpreted an earlier post, but there might be a future MTO option where we could add some length to the body?   oh, and ordered the doyle and denim western shirt today haha
Mauro, Sorry if you have already addressed this, but when are the overdyes set to hit?
XL epaulet shirt = 42 Doyle Jacket?  Damn, am I gonna have to buy the Doyle and the upcoming denim jacket?
They were right after eachother
What's funny is the first run one of the black x black took over a week. The 2nd run sold out much quicker
Will you put up the damn chinos already? Really need a pair haha
All the new stuff is badass
Gonna be a tough choice between this and the work jacket. Any more details? I think you mentioned a few different washes in the past and maybe selvedge?NM, saw your post a couple pages back. Sounds great. Just hope the jacket isn't too cropped like most (cropped jackets look off on a 6' 3" frame haha)
There are denim jackets in the works too right? Are those gonna be available soon too?
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