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mauro, are there any plans on restocking basics like OCBD's?
same on the CPO.  Fades aren't that quick though
cool.  damn, just realized their sale is over now.  got some time to contemplate purchasing through them now
Mike,  I emailed the contact email the other day for a return.  I understand you might be busy with the new baby (congrats by the way) so didn't want to pester you.   Thanks, Chris
appreciating the blog posts
@deadsunrise any update on that finisterre stuff?
You the man.
We can ask for an extra inch in the body? Thought that would be an MTM thing. Stoked!
damn, that shirt is badass.  Too many plaid flannels in the closet though
I feel like they've had sales before but nothing crazy. In the 10% rangr
New Posts  All Forums: