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hmmm thanks everyone for your help.  maybe I'll go check out the indy's at J.crew and figure out whether 11.5 or 12 would suit me better.
my daily beaters are OSB trail oxfords (cxl) that are 11.5's.  They were tight at first but have stretched out comfortably.
11.5 in converse chuckies that are a little tight. 12 in OSB Shell Trench Boots that are a little tight as well and have never worn them.   I was thinking of maybe ordering the Indy's from J.Crew in size 12 just to try them out and return?     Thanks, Chris
I want to order the brown innsbruck indy but have no idea on how to size.  help??  don't want to preorder and have these come in the wrong size.
I've bought some of the 3sixtern ones recently. Been impressed so far
trying to get my first pair of epaulet trousers and thinking of going with the Driggs.  Question for you veterans out there, I like the smaller thigh of the 33's but have the waist of a 34.  Do I buy the 33's and let the waist out or go with the 34's? Seems like letting the waist out should be easy for a tailor?  Does it make the waist look weird?   Thanks, Chris
$115 with shipping!
maybe someone could help me out here but what are the differences from the EPNY and EPLA shirts?  EPLA shirts are supposed to be more casual right?  No darts.
No EPLA oxfords for 4 months makes me sad.  Love the XXLs and will be ordering quite a few when they come back in stock.   On another note, I've been looking for sweatshorts for awhile now (mostly reigning champs), but what does everyone think of buying the epaulet sweats and cutting them off?
@Patrick R waiting for those XXL EPLA oxfords too!
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