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Mostly hype. I bought some unbranded 21 oz and they were a bitch to break in. They're definitely cool but I don't understand the craze for them if you're just wearing them casually
we get shoes with the hats too?  lol.  awesome, thanks for the update
Overdyes dropping soon? Have my friends engagement dinner this month and would love to rock some WvG.
more chambrays.  hell ya
Thanks for the input. How durable does the material feel.
Does anyone have a merino co shirt? How are they. In desperate need of a travel shirt
If had problems with buttons cracking but never falling odf
ya the cropped jacket just scares me.  maybe its time to just give it a shot.
denim jacket looks great.  mike, I might has misinterpreted an earlier post, but there might be a future MTO option where we could add some length to the body?   oh, and ordered the doyle and denim western shirt today haha
New Posts  All Forums: