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Ya brand new this year haha.  Going to san diego and gonna try using my friends older washer/dryer.  I'll keep you in the loop
Put my chambray doyle through a hot/heavy wash/dry and got about 1/2" in the sleeves and 5/8" in the body length.  Was hoping for a bit more to be honest.  Gonna try putting it through again and see what happens.  Chest and shoulder measurements seemed to stay the same.
Damn you're almost my same size. Maybe I need to give the epaulet tees another shot
hope this works out.  dont mind the added sleeve length but not big on the extra 2 inches in the body.  I'll give it a shot tomorrow and let people know how it goes
I'm thinking the grading was off.  From size 40 to 42 there is a .5 in increase in length.  so say a 45 should be around .75 longer than a 42 which would put it around 29.75".
got my odd sized chambray doyle and did anyone else's sew up super long?  I ordered a 45 and its measuring 32 inches in length.  Seems pretty long doesnt it?  Maybe give it a hot wash
Got my chambray Doyle shipping notification too. What's the appeal of the garands again? What makes them different? No separate waistband?
I have the CPO and it does bleed a bit. Have the blazer as well and I'm hesitant to wear a white shirt under it
Yes, great news!
Please tell me some of the new shirts are coming in XXL. Oh and are those XXL epla oxfords in yet?
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