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@bkotsko I am really digging those man.  Can you post more pictures of them on you?  Want to see more pictures of the cargo pockets
those railcars coming into stock soon jay?  Saw your shipment on instagram
gingham looks nice.  are they on the website?
Thanks for pointing this out. That solves my sizing issues....
ive heard the same.  figured mauro or one of the first 9 customers would chime in
Ya i want to size down to a 34 too, but not sure.
Shouldn't expect the waist to stretch out on these right?
I'd love for WvG to have sizes in stock consistently before making shoes...
those look like just what I need for my trip to africa.   Does anyone remember that survey that you got a 25% off code?  I can't find it in my email.
use a sharpie on the button backing?
New Posts  All Forums: