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hope this works out.  dont mind the added sleeve length but not big on the extra 2 inches in the body.  I'll give it a shot tomorrow and let people know how it goes
I'm thinking the grading was off.  From size 40 to 42 there is a .5 in increase in length.  so say a 45 should be around .75 longer than a 42 which would put it around 29.75".
got my odd sized chambray doyle and did anyone else's sew up super long?  I ordered a 45 and its measuring 32 inches in length.  Seems pretty long doesnt it?  Maybe give it a hot wash
Got my chambray Doyle shipping notification too. What's the appeal of the garands again? What makes them different? No separate waistband?
I have the CPO and it does bleed a bit. Have the blazer as well and I'm hesitant to wear a white shirt under it
Yes, great news!
Please tell me some of the new shirts are coming in XXL. Oh and are those XXL epla oxfords in yet?
@Nakedsnake I'd go with the XL's if I were u.XL's are somewhat fitted on me with a 42" chest.   How is the shrinkage on these shirts by the way?
You're almost my exact size and I went with XL recently. I'll let you know how they fit.
bastard.  I ordered an odd size.... and was hoping to take it to africa next wed 
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