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19% off for VAT and the 10% is calculated automatically if you're new to the site. If not register an account and they'll email you a code. Customer service is really good. They'll take care of you.
Chose the color 8 service boots. Definitely excited for them to arrive
I recently bought from Cultizm.  Boots should be here Monday.  Pretty good deal with the VAT removed, free shipping, and 10% off for first time customers.  Shippings fast as well, should take about a week to California.  Now just hoping I sized right......
mike, any update on the Individualized Preorders from a few weeks ago?
Got some black railcars. Black with white weft
a few questions for a newbie. Is any info stamped on the inside of the boots?  last?  size? How much does viberg charge for resoling?     Thanks!
Ahh I didn't realize the other sizes were grayed out. Thanks for pointing that out haha
weird question, but why are there so many sizes left in's color 8 service boot when it's sold out everywhere else?
Any updates on the watch straps? Need a black 22mm
great.  thanks for the info guys
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