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I did this as well. How much toe space do you have?
Has anyone sized down in the 2030 last? I'm beginning to think I should've gone with a size 11. I have about an inch of toe room in the 11.5 and the ankle is pretty loose despite the laces being tight.
Got my Service boots from Cultizm the other day (Color 8 2030 last).  Fit seems good but there is a bit on room lengthwise in toes (a little less than an inch).  No heel sleepage which I guess is good and the sides of the toes aren't loose.  Looking online, it seems that 1 inch in the toes isn't a problem as long as the flex point and heel fit well?   Thanks, Chris
19% off for VAT and the 10% is calculated automatically if you're new to the site. If not register an account and they'll email you a code. Customer service is really good. They'll take care of you.
Chose the color 8 service boots. Definitely excited for them to arrive
I recently bought from Cultizm.  Boots should be here Monday.  Pretty good deal with the VAT removed, free shipping, and 10% off for first time customers.  Shippings fast as well, should take about a week to California.  Now just hoping I sized right......
mike, any update on the Individualized Preorders from a few weeks ago?
Got some black railcars. Black with white weft
a few questions for a newbie. Is any info stamped on the inside of the boots?  last?  size? How much does viberg charge for resoling?     Thanks!
Ahh I didn't realize the other sizes were grayed out. Thanks for pointing that out haha
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