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I'm in the same exact boat. Ordered a full size down and they should be here Thursday. Hoping it works out. Good luck!
Cultizm gives 10% off on first time orderers.I'm also on my 2nd try with vibergs.  I don't think sizing down 1/2 was enough for me.
Need more info!
Damn you for mentioning Notre. Went online and saw they had the rust stampedes in my size. Bought them...
Interesting. Surely you can let more than that slip?
Have about 1 inch toe space on my 2030's which i feel is too much. Should I size down for the 110? How are you guys deciding between the two chukkas? It's difficult!
Any pics of the said 8 mini eyelets?
has anyone ever coldsoaked/washed their indigo wool jackets?  Is there much bleeding?  Does the wool shrink that much?
Seems like it should be a quick fix no?
Fok,Is there any timeline for this jacket?Thanks,Chris
New Posts  All Forums: