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How thick are these socks? I guess it all comes down to preference and would definitely at least try a smaller size to see how it feels.
1-1.25 inch toe space? That's a ton. I had 1 inch and sized down. So much better now just need to sell the ones that are too big now
No free shipping but ya free returns. I got the towel as well. Not that great but at least hasn't started smelling like all my other travel towels
The old denim jacket was selvedge no?
Allows the bottom of the jacket to "flare out" when sitting down no?
Overdyes are back. All about it. Looks like if I was an xxl in them before then I'm a XL now?
what's everyones opinion of the taylor stitch jacket?
Jacket looks interesting!
I'm in the same exact boat. Ordered a full size down and they should be here Thursday. Hoping it works out. Good luck!
Cultizm gives 10% off on first time orderers.I'm also on my 2nd try with vibergs.  I don't think sizing down 1/2 was enough for me.
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