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So awesome that you want to make an offer @joshr3935 
Moto looks badass! What kind of collar is on it? Buco?
3sixteen Cream Crosscut Flannel XL worn 5-10 times.  Always cold washed and hung dry but has shrunk a bit (see measurements) $100 shipped OBO http://www.3sixteen.com/collections/shirts/products/crosscut-flannel-cream   Measurements: Chest: 20.3" Shoulders: 16.0" Length (center back from bottom of collar): 28.0" Sleeves: 25.5"   Thanks, Chris
haven't been paying attention, but are the gustin forums gone from the site now?
True... The first multi color one that sold out was the only one I liked. The waffle one looks interesting today but it's waffle so I dunno
 I back this up.  Went Barrie size and it was too big
Mike, Weren't you guys coming out with watch straps awhile back?  Did that project get put on the backburner?   Thanks, Chris
How thick are these socks? I guess it all comes down to preference and would definitely at least try a smaller size to see how it feels.
1-1.25 inch toe space? That's a ton. I had 1 inch and sized down. So much better now just need to sell the ones that are too big now
No free shipping but ya free returns. I got the towel as well. Not that great but at least hasn't started smelling like all my other travel towels
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