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Someone else post a BCDR or 2013 DR fit pic!
Okonomi and nyarkies, successfully debunking fairly obvious fakes since 2013!
That ain't no toj with those pocket zippers!
Or maybe instead he could work on meaningful aspects of himself, like his skills and personality? So many people on styleforum are just bros in disguise I swear.
  Nice mixed metaphor!   The voice of defiance. Stay strong brother man!     How do you seriously think buying things works?     Rousing description here. I was going to describe it as poetic until I realised you literally wrote us all a poem. My favourite line of which is:    
I feel like I just read a diatribe from a 1984-esque stage play where Migsy the everyman finally fights back against Charly the Malevolent Fashion Commissioner. "No Charly, I won't give you my name. Not ever!"
Aren't you old dudes big enough to make your own decisions about dressing yourselves?
You'll get a Paypal receipt email soon, don't worry 'bout it.
Agreed on this, it's giving me second thoughts - I need more pics. Anyone else with a new DR please share fit pics!
Suiting wool MA-1 is warmer than a leather, it's pretty paddy. The ribbing makes the biggest difference as that's where I find sweat building up in the varsity and MA-1. It's all about that open cuff/hem on riders/motos for breeziness IMO.
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