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Here's my 2013 DR. Those who said silver zips on a black 2013 would be 'too much' were wrong. (edited for better picture)
Pretty sure that was a pic of a brand new jacket
I still think that was the best toj moto
Has anybody received a June 2013 DR order yet?
I think it'd better on a 2010 or a 4-zip.
It's a bit time consuming, but it's not really challenging, nor are the ingredients hard to get.
^ Quilt rider is a pretty jacket. Give it the prettiest leather. Also, Drew, I made that beef curry recipe you shared on here a while ago. Damn nice for such an easy recipe. Gonna let the leftover sauce mature for a while and use it for tonkatsu curry.
There's still essentially no pilling on my 2010 Varsity
    This coming from two dudes who both said they would stop posting. One especially recently, who also continues to give sizing advice despite his recently shared tragic failure to size himself.
All the TOJ I shoulda bought but I never did. OOoooh darlin make it go, make it go away!
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