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Now that I have had time to read the article, I am more dismayed. There are appropriate ways to move forward, but idiotic buzzwords and jargon like "total solution dressing" just show the shallow consumerist nature of this. And Brandelli is a clown.
  I'm a Poole customer. I think they are equal in terms of workmanship. It's more a stylistic and/or personality choice IMO.  There's three Asian franchises I think, but I'm not sure.
 I hope that is code for "more idiotic and pedantic while lacking any real understanding of the overall concept".
Or realize that frescos are awful and don't.  I have one Lesser suit, and it's probably my last. I find Smiths to be far superior in worsted. I hope the new owners keep everything as is on that front.
I love my Cleverleys. The shitty part is you are now associated with them so I truly sympathize with their plight.
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