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I'm not arguing that it should, it's up to London and Westminster in particular to decide if the cultural impact is great enough. If is is indeed capped, the overheads of the tailoring business are pretty much what they are. It's a highly mature industry and costs are pretty well pegged right to inflation these days.
No, they don't, is the bottom line. They don't need "growth" in the sense of a shareholder led corporation unless that is their goal. Their overheads are pretty fixed and if rent is capped on SR then it's really capped. They are mostly profitable businesses currently as well.
 Thanks goodness for Arsenal, keeps Mourihino winning! :) I don't think SR is going to compete with mass market RTW, unless they become mas market RTW, then what's the point? There is a small demand for traditional bespoke tailoring. Fill that need, augmenting with licensing, accessories and limited RTW. Like I said, Poole and A&S do this very well already, in different ways. They don't need to be global unless they want to, that's the entire point. This isn't a huge...
  Absolutely. You are paying just as much for the experience as you are the clothes. It's why I stress to every potential customer I refer that it's imperative to spend time with the house before thinking about getting clothes made. The personality compatibility are as important as the technical know how.   I think it's most likely and quite alright. It really depends on the lobbying efforts to cap the rents.  How in the hell is either of these ideal!?!  Going on making...
 That ridiculous of an assertion doesn't deserve a complete sentence. Workmanship has a vertical limit. Both the top of Haute Couture and top bespoke suits reach it. Plenty of Couture and bespoke does not.
 Not in the chinese enclaves.
 I wasn't referencing Taub (though some of his stuff would make Stevie Wonder flinch), I was referencing being impressed with G&H. If you impressed by crass commercialization, then fine, but there are plenty of examples of houses paying the bills with other revenue streams in a non vulgar manner. A&S, Poole, etc. have done it for years. The comments from Clacher are dismaying. “But I am not going to build a global business out of a craft that can make 800 to 1000 suits a...
 100% yes. 100% no.
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