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 Of course they don't, which is why I said they are a different sort.
 It depends on your definition of succeed I guess. G&H have stated that this sort of thing is their mission and it's exactly what I was commenting on all the way at the beginning of this thread. I concur that properly executed strategy is imperative. I don't think being for the few is a negative, and really could have saved the esteem of the couture houses who went down that path. They are by and large overpriced shit now, and most discerning customers know that. If you...
For reference, this is what we are talking about here. Not expanding and adding revenue streams. I have been in the store the below poster from the LL is talking about. It was severely depressing. 
I think you are on to something there David.
 I quite like E&R, especially since they are one of the few made in UK RTW shirt makers. A lot of what you mention is accurate though.
"The beginning of the end" has been threatened so many times now I can't count.
 I can't speak for all, but I personally know a few of them are plenty profitable.
Norton does a very good job I think. That is a good strategy they use as well.   Guys like Sexton and Everest have no problem being off Row. Much lower overheads and simpler operations. They are also very low volume compared to Row houses. They also have big names to bank on though, so I don't know how others would fare.
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