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No, I am fully behind the idea they must choose the path they wish to trod. I run a business myself. I am saying that I find it sad to lose any of them.
 But not here, as I, or anyone, can be saddened by a tailors choice not to be an establishment they would patronize, for whatever reason.
 Poole's lounge suit prices are inaccurate for current day unless you are speaking VAT inclusive, which is not useful for comparison.
 It does follow that there will always be bespoke houses, even if it's down to one, and it's not on Savile Row. As for two, I made no assertion otherwise.
 Oh, I agree there.  And that's a different customer. To chase that person, you need to have a fundamentally different business, which isn't traditional tailoring, and isn't simply "augmenting" your revenue stream. There will always be a certain number of people who want traditional tailoring, the size of the industry needs to be right sized for the demand. It doesn't mean every house changes to global brands, it means some go by the wayside and others carry on until...
 I don't see it. For one, they are losing future customers to jeans, not existing ones.
 This is the most lucid thought in the thread.
 It's exactly what G&H's chairman is saying.
 And that's pretty much a worst case scenario in my eyes.
 I really don't think they are in danger of losing their core customer personally, by all accounts there has been an actual uptick there since the 90's. I'm sure Reeves can shed some light on what he has seen over that time period.
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