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 Watch out for those fly by night Savile Row jokers.
Inane thread of the day.
 You forgot your monocle.
But you care about his dimples. Please reconcile.
 I find posting pictures of ones self on the internet in a forced pose very narcissistic and sad.  Yes.  Me too, though I'm not lazy, I'm just not going to do it.
I give up.
 Not really, as they are just paying the cost of the goods, so it's entirely more accurate than a VAT number is. I'm not talking about traveling to London, I'm talking about tailor visits, which certainly were going on in 1957. The only valid difference is the currency appreciation variable, that is a factor. The basic fact remains that what they do on SR has always been for the wealthy. The proles were never sidling up to Poole for a dinner jacket.
 What about customers not in the UK, which is about half of their clientele?
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