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Norse Store's sale has started. Seems to be up to 30% off for now.    I picked up a down vest, cotton/wool sweatshirt and mesh cap from Norse Projects + sneakers from Common Projects. I figure that there might be further reductions in a week or so, but this stuff will probably be sold out by then.     http://www.norsestore.com 
Filippa K has some decent high-top sneaks in this color combination.
Uploaded some photos of my Moment cardigan to imgur: http://imgur.com/a/pjWYU   It's pretty damn comfy, wore it out in the cold today with my Gant Rugger M65 and it was massively toasty.
The second button from the bottom rests on top of my belt when I'm standing up, so I'd say that the length is pretty decent, but yeah, I guess you'd have to get a Large if you want it to be that long with your extra six inches.
 Sorry, no experience with the older Starks, this was supposed to be my first one. I got a size medium and I am 179cm and weigh 80ish kilos.  
Heh, volls.de sent me a Moment instead of the Stark I ordered. Maaaaybe I'll just keep it though, it fits really well and is mega toasty.
 Looks like it in the picture I suppose, but it's a comfy fit. 
  sns + filippa
The Stark roll neck looks pretty solid, might have to get one of those myself if I can find it in Navy.
 I ordered my Fisherman from their online store. Had some issues communicating with them since the email addresses listed on their website aren't monitored for some reason. I didn't hear anything for a month after ordering, so I had to open a dispute with Paypal. That cleared things up in no time though and my order was sent out the same day with a bonus. Try thomas@sns-herning.com if you need to get in touch with them.
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