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Very nice Gezza
 Time to get your (Kent) Wang on.
Massdrop doing some Berg & Berg ties for $54. See if this link works otherwise go to Massdrop and do a search.
Jimmy, I would stick with the new machine and see whether I could either get something for the old machine on gumtree or just give it away on Melbourne freecycle.
 Shucks. Well I typically pick up my stuff when I'm travelling but I've picked up samples from and will sometimes pick up stuff from strawberrynet when the wife orders something from there. I know @California Dreamer is a fan of fragrances so maybe he's got some resources ...
 How do you know we're all fine smelling gents? 
 Marcella all the way.
 Mate start by taking a look here for all the black tie details: Unless you are going to a black tie event, strutting down the street in a tuxedo and bow tie will make you look over dressed. Walking into a restaurant with your lady for dinner wearing a tuxedo will make you look overdressed. If you want to look sharp for dinners and other general night time events go for a nice navy suit. On the other hand, if you are set on a tuxedo MJ have a...
 That's Brunswick Street, not Brunswick.
 I came across another article promoting 'dad bod' the other day. What the fuck is happening to the world? First this stupid fat acceptance/HAES movement, now this.
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