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the sleeves can be let out .75 inches.
Looks good to me.  What do you think about it?
The WSJ wouldn't have rated Suit Supply suits to rival Armani suits if it was a "bargain basement" type of place.   http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703385404576258671135584478.html
I've been there many times and they always come right over to me as soon as I walk in.  Most times I have several people come over when I walk in.  They must've been unusually busy, give them another try sometime soon.  Try to work with either CB or Rob.
Looks ok to me.  I'd hem them after a few weeks.  How are you able to fit your foot through the leg opening to get the pants off? 
Jeans are fine.
Where are the boots from?
  Crosswound, I'm wearing a size 28 NC and I'm 6'0 and between 130 and 135lbs.  I have these and a pair of 28 NS.  If want pictures of either/both of them on me lmk.   On an unrelated note: I've had my NCs for about a week and I wear them for probably an average of 8 hours a day and they have just started to soften up and break in a little.  They are a lot more comfortable now than they were when they were brand new.
What do you all think about this fit?  These are TTS (true to size) 28 New Cures that are about two days old.   I don't like stacking, especially when the jeans are still extremely stiff, and they are as low as my body wil allow me to wear them.  There were probably 3 inches below my belly button.
I would absolutely hem them.  You have way too much "stacking" in my opinion.  Stacking is a matter of personal preference so do what you like best but in my opinion stacking makes the jeans look sloppy.  If you size down to a 28 you'll have a more dramatic taper.  I'd stay with the 29.
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