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Jeans are fine.
Where are the boots from?
  Crosswound, I'm wearing a size 28 NC and I'm 6'0 and between 130 and 135lbs.  I have these and a pair of 28 NS.  If want pictures of either/both of them on me lmk.   On an unrelated note: I've had my NCs for about a week and I wear them for probably an average of 8 hours a day and they have just started to soften up and break in a little.  They are a lot more comfortable now than they were when they were brand new.
What do you all think about this fit?  These are TTS (true to size) 28 New Cures that are about two days old.   I don't like stacking, especially when the jeans are still extremely stiff, and they are as low as my body wil allow me to wear them.  There were probably 3 inches below my belly button.
I would absolutely hem them.  You have way too much "stacking" in my opinion.  Stacking is a matter of personal preference so do what you like best but in my opinion stacking makes the jeans look sloppy.  If you size down to a 28 you'll have a more dramatic taper.  I'd stay with the 29.
Belt is from PRL but I dont have any other details about it.  I found it on sale at Lord and Taylor two years ago and bought it since the length fit well. Thanks a lot.  I've been trying! I did cuff the pants under (however later I did a traditional cuff) because the pants are slightly too long and since they are only 2 days old I wanted to wear them for a week or so before I have them hemmed.  
Oxford by BB Jeans by APC (NC) Shoes by AE           How does this fit?
Yes, they are two days old so I wanted to wait a week or so to break them in before I take them to the tailor.
Oxford by BB Jeans by APC (NC) Shoes by AE         How does this fit?
The problem with sizing down so much is that the waist is terribly right and uncomfortable for several weeks until/if it stretches. I had a pair of PS sized down two and couldn't wear them for 6 months because the waist was just too tight. After six months of trying I threw them away. I know most people here suggest sizing down at least two but understand how tight the waist is actually going to be. Good luck tucking a shirt in for the first few months.I now have two pairs...
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