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Sufu seems to have a really good denim section.  The APC thread on SuFu is all pictures and fir pictures where as the APC thread on SF is all the same sizing question over and over again.     I really dont post on either of the forums much, as I lurk more to see whats out there.
Apparently SnoSeal works well on the Taupe except it changes the color to more of a brownish color.
hypebeast.com/forum superfuture.com 
What does he mean by Nikes and "Whites"?  What are whites?
Anyone else?
I'm pretty new to these 3 forums but I'm only active on here so I was wondering if anyone could try to explain the differences between the 3 forums.  Maybe a general stereotype of each forum would ever help.     Thanks!
No idea.  I've never had that problem, although, I've never walked through very deep puddles.  
Its not wrong at all.  Check out Context Clothing's sizing chart.  It easily explains that you go one size below your true waist size.      
Why is everyone so confused about sizing?  Sizing is very easy.   Buy a pair that is 2 sizes smaller then your waist size. They will stretch two sizes.  If you are buying Petite Standards, understand they will be tight.  If you do not like tight, go only one size smaller then your waist size, or buy New Standards.   Generally, PS are more common among men with smaller legs since they are a tighter fit.   Generally, NS are more common among men...
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