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Will ironing my 2 month old PS' damage them at all/will I get weird fading? I was thinking ironing might help the "knee boob" area go back to being flat.    Also, will ironing make the jeans softer?  They are still really tight.
27-28.  Depends how tight you like your jeans to fit.
APC Hipster?  What is that?  I thought they only made NS PS and NC.
You will have no problem with the PS or the NC having to high of a rise.  I think they have a lower rise then the WeirdGuys. I'd recommend going with the NC's.   28 NS should be perfect.  The might be slightly tight around the thighs at first but will stretch just fine. Depends.  My Ps are just over a month old and have stretched JUST over 2 inches in the waist and probably around 1.5 inches in the thighs.   If you like the taper of the PS get 26PS.  If you would like...
What does everyone think? Too skinny, or are they ok?   APC PS sized down 2 worn for almost 2 months:  
Can you post of few pictures of how they came out?  Include a fit pic and a picture of the new slevedge line?  I'm thinking about doing this also.    
They look nice to me.    
I have a pair of Taupe suede DB and I want to get another pair.  I can't decide between the Oakwood or the Grey suede.  What do you all think?  They will mostly be worn with tan chinos and jeans.
I've been wearing my DBs in the rain here in DC for the past few days and havent had any problems with the crepe sole.  I dont know why everyone on here always complains about it. 
After only about a month of daily wear on my PS I'm starting to see some fading.  Slight fading in the honeycombs and good creases where the whiskers will be.
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