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What is everyone's favorite Rolex model?  Does anyone have a gold daydate with white face and roman numerals? If so, can you post some pictures?
What does SF think about the AP diver?    
is a charcoal grey pinstripe suit with plain shirt and tie acceptable for a funeral if I dont own a black suit?
Washington Fit size 35R Purple line super 110s Alterations done: •lengthen sleeves • hem trousers • take in side seams • take in seat   What do you all think?  I apologize about the shitty picture and the bad collar of my shirt.  I threw this on just for the sake of the picture:  
I wanted the exact same thing as you, as you can see from my user picture, I used the same photograph as you to get the fit that I wanted.  I'm also in between a 28 and a 29.  It took me three tries to get it right.  I started with a tagged size 26 PS (sized down 2 from my normal size of 28):   Those were way too small so I tried going with the NS, true to size (tagged size 28).  but those were too big:   So then I finally bought of a pair of TTS (size 28) NC, which are...
Already have one, thank you though.
I want to get a few nordic sweaters (like the authentic Norwegian sweaters) but I don't know where to get them.  I found a company called Dale of Norway but they have limited selection and they are very expensive.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Also, what are you opinions on these sweaters for a casual weekend/apres ski inspired look?
What cordovan boot by BB?
I left my DSLR at parents house so iphone pictures are all I have.  What do you mean by outsole?        
These came in today and they appear to be on the 341 last.  Can anyone comment on this last compared to other C&J lasts?  I really like this last.  The boots fit like a glove without being too snug.
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