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I have a dark charcoal suit with white pin stripes that I'm having trouble pairing shirts and ties to. Can some of you give me some suggestions as to what color shirts and ties I should try pairing with this suit?  
I'm looking into getting the Ranger Mocs but was wondering if someone could help me with sizing. I currently have a pair of the Chromexal pinch penny loafers in a size 9. The 9 fits perfectly (maybe even a hair too short). I bought the 9 knowing they were a hair short but thinking they would stretch, they did, slightly. The ranger mocs I intend to wear with and without socks, depending on the time of year. Would a size 9.5 be the right size if the 9 in the pinch loafer...
If I get a pair of NS and have them tailored the day I buy them, will that damage any types of fades I may one day achieve?
I'm selling my Daltons.  They are dark brown size 8.5.  They have only been worn a handful of times because they never quite fit right.  They are in great condition.  There is some wear on the bottom (obviously) and some minor creasing on the uppers.  I'm selling for $200 which includes the boots, the original box and the shoe bags that they came with.   I ship out of DC and accept PayPal as payment.  Here are some pictures.  Please ask for any additional photos if...
What is everyone's favorite Rolex model?  Does anyone have a gold daydate with white face and roman numerals? If so, can you post some pictures?
What does SF think about the AP diver?    
is a charcoal grey pinstripe suit with plain shirt and tie acceptable for a funeral if I dont own a black suit?
Washington Fit size 35R Purple line super 110s Alterations done: •lengthen sleeves • hem trousers • take in side seams • take in seat   What do you all think?  I apologize about the shitty picture and the bad collar of my shirt.  I threw this on just for the sake of the picture:  
I wanted the exact same thing as you, as you can see from my user picture, I used the same photograph as you to get the fit that I wanted.  I'm also in between a 28 and a 29.  It took me three tries to get it right.  I started with a tagged size 26 PS (sized down 2 from my normal size of 28):   Those were way too small so I tried going with the NS, true to size (tagged size 28).  but those were too big:   So then I finally bought of a pair of TTS (size 28) NC, which are...
Already have one, thank you though.
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