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Can skylkoil jacket be rewaxed using thornproof wax?
I dont understand how any of you can size down. I'm skinny. 6' tall 140lbs with a 29inch waist and long lanky 33.5" legs/inseam. I've been wearing a true to size NS for about 6 months and has no stretched out anywhere close to enough to be too big on me. Before that I had a pair of true to size NC which were worn for a year and a half they also never stretched out to be too big on me. This whole concept of sizing down 2-3 sizes is ridiculous in my opinion. For the people...
 Look into the new polo line and get the Argon. It's a waxed jacket that is significantly slimmer than the bedale and beaufort.
Bump. Still for sale. $200.
There is a lot of discussion regarding Barbour all over this forum specifically Streetwear & Denim since they have their own "Official Barbour" thread so I wanted to make a "Classic Menswear Barbour" thread. Traditionally Barbour's waxed jackets were worn strictly in the country for hunting and anything else outdoors. However, recently (as of the last fifteen years +/-) there has been a noticeable shift from Barbour being strictly a country item to Barbour becoming more...
Suit Supply. They can often sell you a suit jacket as a separate and then custom make you the pants with the exact same fabric. I've had that done with one of my navy birdseye suits and it came out perfectly. You'll be under you $750 price point.
Terrible (really, really awful) shot, so my apologies in advanced, of my new Barbour Powell. Size small. For reference I am 6' tall with a 35.5 inch chest and a size 29 waist.   Can anyone comment on fit? The store doesnt have this in an XS however, they did have the Chelsea Sportsquilt in an XS and it fit a lot more snug. I opted for the Powell because I think I'll like/need more room in the winter to layer heavy sweaters or the occasional SC. What do you think?
I've been looking to buy a Barbour for three years. The Georgetown, DC store is only 2 miles from my house so I've been there countless times trying on everything they had in the store. I always wanted the class waxed jacket, bedale, beaufort, etc. but they are too baggy/boxy and when I size down the sleeves are too short. Today I stopped in again looking to see if they got anything new for the fall and I walked out with a Powell quilted jacket in black. I really like...
Suit supply suit TM Lewin Shirt Brooks Brothers tie     What do you think?    
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