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Countryattire.com http://www.countryattire.com/mens/jackets/barbour-men-s-chelsea-sportsquilt-jacket-olive-mqu0006ol51-d1283.html
I have a beautiful pure wool Brooks Brothers regent fit tweed jacket with quilted lining size 38. I bought it two years ago before I knew anything about menswear and it is too big on me. Unfortunately Brooks Brothers doesn't make it in a 36. I paid $498 for this jacket and I'm willing to let it go for $250 plus shipping and PayPal fees. If you are local to DC or NJ I will drive it to you free of charge.   As you can see, it has a superb fit. The model wearing the jacket...
I made a photoshop of the color I was hoping the Argon would be. Original is on the left (it is closer to a dark grey than a navy) and the color I wanted is on the right (true navy):
After several months with the Argon, I can say I'm not thrilled. The fit and feel is great, but its too dark. I thought it'd slightly lighten up, but it has in fact darkened since I bought it. Here are some pics:    
How do you like the crepe sole on the rangers? I have rangers with camp moc sole but I'm considering getting crepe. My fear is that they will not be as comfortable because of the hard leather midsole. What are you opinions?
Having the dark brown buckaroo ranger moc on camp moc sole and having brown CXL pinch penny loafers also on camp moc sole, what would you suggest for my next pair of Rancourt? It must be #8 CXL and have camp moc sole. It will be a casual everyday shoe to wear around campus and the city, etc. I'm torn between the camp moc and the beefroll penny loafer. What would you suggest? I typically dress in either dark denim, khaki chinos, or brown cords with OCBD shirts and sweaters....
Can anyone explain the differences between CXL and Cordovan? I'm now thinking about getting these and I'm not sure what is the better option, CXL or Cordovan. Which is more durable and will last longer? I'd either do brown CXL or Espresso Cordovan. Also, what are the positives and negatives of getting them lined v. unlined?   Espresso Shell Cordovan with tan lining and black camp moc sole:   Brown CXL with Tan lining and camp moc sole:
Those are not camp mocs. they are ranger mocs.
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