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Does anyone know anything about these? It looks like suede camp mocs on a leather sole. If I wear a size 9 in the ranger mocs with rubber camp moc sole, should I also get a size 9 in these?,default,pd.html?dwvar_MH00181_Color=BRWN&contentpos=4&cgid=0522
Definitely not a Patek but heres mine:    
I was given this one as a gift and was asked that when I go get it sized I should see if there is another dial or another model that I want to exchange it for. Is this a versatile everyday watch that I can wear with anything from a blazer and tie to a bathing suit on the beach?  
What is everyone's opinion of the smooth dial DJII with blue dial and roman numerals? I'm a 22 year old tech business owner. I typically dress business casual. I want something that is an all around good watch. The sub might be too sporty but I fear that the DJII smooth bezel is too plain and ordinary. What are your opinions?
I'm going to order a pair of custom shoes in the next few days and was hoping some of you could help me decide. I currently have pinch penny in brown CXL with brown rubber sole and I have ranger mocs in brown buckaroo (from brooks brothers) also with brown rubber sole. I have a pair of camp mocs from LLBean which I really love. I was thinking about doing a custom pair of camp mocs in color 8 CXL with rubber sole. What do you all think is the most versatile shoe I can get...
I have a beautiful pure wool Brooks Brothers regent fit tweed jacket with quilted lining size 38. I bought it two years ago before I knew anything about menswear and it is too big on me. Unfortunately Brooks Brothers doesn't make it in a 36. I paid $498 for this jacket and I'm willing to let it go for $250 plus shipping and PayPal fees. If you are local to DC or NJ I will drive it to you free of charge.   As you can see, it has a superb fit. The model wearing the jacket...
I made a photoshop of the color I was hoping the Argon would be. Original is on the left (it is closer to a dark grey than a navy) and the color I wanted is on the right (true navy):
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