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Nice collection! It's interesting that of the three watches chosen, none of them have the date.  Have you missed/wanted a date function on a watch?
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I really love the rich history of classic leather bombers and am considering these two jackets. I know they are very different but I was hoping you could all offer your opinions on which you would choose and why.   The A2 style jacket has a zip out thick/heavy fleece liner that makes the jacket very warm and the shearling collar is also removable.    The B3 Shearling jacket is beautifully made and fits me like a glove but it can only be worn on the coldest of NYC...
Schott cafe racer 654 (I believe)  
Good day with the DJII.
Thank you for the 654 suggestion. I actually bought that jacket today and love it from what I can tell.   Terrible pic:
I'm thinking about buying a Schott 141 and was wondering if you could tell me your opinions regarding this jacket on me. I'm skinny but have long arms so the size 34 fits well but seems to be slightly short in the sleeve length. There doesn't seem to be any other option expect spend another $700 and get a custom made jacket from Schott which I do not have the money to do.   Should I buy it or is there something better you can suggest? The jacket is not going to be warn...
Can you tell me the length of the arms like the length of the sleeves on a long sleeve shirt? Also how heavy is this jacket without the liner? I understand it is removable.    Can you post (or PM me) some pictures of you wearing the jacket?   I will be in NYC on Wednesday morning. Could I try it on to make sure that the 36 fits me? PM me to discuss.
Still for sale?
PM sent!
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