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  It's a dated style, and I wouldn't wear it in a million years, but I always thought Niles pulled it off. Except the ties. For some reason, everybody on that show wore ugly ties.
Cleverley's website mentions a stockist in Hamburg, if that's helpful.   Also, don't the models Chelsea and Byron by Gaziano and Girling meet your description?
Are you sure it's fungus, not just your socks slowly disintegrating in your shoes? Kind of lying dryer lint except made purely of sweaty socks?
How wide are the ties?
I've actually been looking for austerity brogues myself, and it turns out a good one is hard to come by. The usual suspects have nice MTO possibilities (EG, G&G, Vass) but beyond that it's a bit of a wasteland. While I really don't like the first two you posted, I'm not a huge fan of the Drummond either. Carmina does a black suede austerity brogue which is interesting, but not the easiest to pull off.
I've got an Archimede Klassik, which I enjoy. I'm open to the idea that Stowa is slightly better in terms of finishing (although I really have no complaints in that regard about my Archimede either), but at the same time it may be worth to wonder whether that justifies the price difference. The Stowa is about twice as expensive.
Any details on the yellowish one?
I don't think the combination of colours itself is objectionable, but it seems to clash with his otherwise conservative/old fashioned style.
They didn't, but neither did the English, for that matter. Furthermore, in a time when the native tongue of most English nobility would've been French, the connection between a French word and a French right is not so straightforward.
Would you be willing to ship internationally? The Netherlands, to be specific.
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