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 I've been thinking about a cordovan chukka...
  Did you try some on in person? Because I'm pretty sure we've roughly got the same size feet, and everything I tried on in their store that fit was a 45,5 except on the U-last, where I needed a 46... I mean, it'll vary half a size for width, but 47 sounds way too big for you...  
  Those look amazing. Any chance of a size 11.5 UK?
  I guess I live in a colder climate than you do, as I never wondered about something like that before...
You may not know it yet, but you are looking for suede chukka's. Trust me, you are.
Meh. People posting on this forum already know about Vass, meaning that the increased demand of Vass from this thread gaining visibility should be marginal.
This has got me thinking. I think Vass fundamentally has one thing going for it: top-notch quality at a very affordable price. Don't sacrifice on the quality, otherwise it's just a bad EG copy.   Anyway, I like the diversity of lasts. Personally, my favourite is the F-last, but I like the idea that they also offer the traditional Austria-Hungarian lasts, it gives them a degree of legitimacy as a heritage brand, despite the fact that they only started in the 70's.   What I...
Sorry, no pics, I didnt bring a camera. Maybe when I get home.
I was there yesterday. Small store, lovely shoes on display, staff was surprising unhelpful, but after threathening to walk out at two seperate occassions, I did get some lovely shoes.
No, that's a bad impersonator.
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