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I've tried it on, and I really dislike it. Looks like one of those puffy Michelin Man jackets (albeit a bit slimmer), even in real life.   Can't wait for Uniqlo x Undercover!   By the way, I'm selling a Uniqlo +j flannel blazer, fits a 36-38    
Depends on which piece you're looking at. Always better to try it on to make sure
The Herringbone Twills look interesting, think I'll get a pair of those when they hit.
Hey there. Could I get the length and waist measurements?
I'm interested enough to want pictures.
I wonder how the Glow in the Darks will look after some amount of wear. 
Zara doesn't have a functional webstore yet, wish they would though
What is this careless living fiend you speak of
That's pretty much the go-to phrase for journalists explaining something in fashion they don't understand / approve of. 
New Posts  All Forums: