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Damn. I think I need a 9D instead. Have to pass, sorry!
Christ, I want these.
Oh, awesome. Do they fit true to size though?
Sweet. Any word on the tentative dates for other countries?
That's probably a bad idea, if you can even pull it off. If you're absolutely dead set on the fewest colours possible, get navy and brown.   Also, getting clothes that fit well will probably do a much better job of making you look 'fitter'.
Depends how you size them, but PS would probably look better. Unless you like the very slight flare of NC, of course.   On that note, I have a pair of New Cures in 26 for sale
I've tried it on, and I really dislike it. Looks like one of those puffy Michelin Man jackets (albeit a bit slimmer), even in real life.   Can't wait for Uniqlo x Undercover!   By the way, I'm selling a Uniqlo +j flannel blazer, fits a 36-38    
Depends on which piece you're looking at. Always better to try it on to make sure
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