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Anyone have a pair of Petites that'll (eventually) fit a 29 waist?
Anyone have a pair for sale that'll fit a 29" waist? Not too bothered about which cut.
Great price, shame it hasn't been grabbed yet. W+H hoodies for $100 and below used to disappear really quickly when I was searching for one on B&S just last year
If anyone's willing to proxy some CM shirts off the sales rack for me, lemme know.
Try Outlier, they make some pretty awesome tech-ish clothes. 
Century Grill was indeed pretty awesome, at least when I went.
Nah, they aren't. WG's are more tapered from the knees down.   BTW sick photo. How long've you been wearing them?    
 Sorry, just noticed the post date. Looking forward to that online store though.  
Depends on the width of the hem and how slim they are below the knee.   
What shirts do they have on there? Definitely very interested, especially if they have the seersucker shirts (very unlikely, of course).  
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