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Depends on the width of the hem and how slim they are below the knee.   
What shirts do they have on there? Definitely very interested, especially if they have the seersucker shirts (very unlikely, of course).  
Depends on proportion, doesn't it. I find 27" is best.
Let me know if you find a place, looking for some cheap T's for fabric dyeing
Really looking forward to this one, but I'd like to see some pictures out in the wild first. I'm worried the shade will be too light irl
Kohzo has some great jeans.
    Sounds sweet. Got any pictures?    
Not too sure about the 20's to 30's time period limitation, but perhaps Tumblr might be of use?  
Search through B&S, loads of good deals to be had.   If you're buying from the mall, look at Uniqlo. Even better though (IMO) is Club Monaco, but only if they're on sale. I prefer the cut and, usually, the fabrics of the shirts as compared to, say, Uniqlo. For example, they have a pretty great seersucker shirt this season.
A leather jacket maybe, unless you have low cold tolerance. Also, isn't TOJ making some winter outerwear this season, keep tabs on that
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